week 23 and counting...

Im already in my 23rd week of my second pregnancy!! Where did all the time go? I love the fact that Im feeling good and healthy, may the whole pregnancy go just like this:)

At the moment we aare busy moving into a bigger place *dancing around in excitement* I hope a bigger place will allow me to put some of my many many ideas into life. Which in turn would make it to the blog and hopefully I can blow the dust of it...for good;) Ive been itching to knit for a while now which I wrote about in an earlier post. I did knit a baby beanie which I will keep for our little baby boy when he makes his entrance in October:) Other than that Im planning on knitting a nice and warm pair of pants. But with the move and all I HAVE to stay out of the knitting basket and focus on everything else that needs doing.

Ive been packing stuff for the last few days, things we dont need right now (winter gear, almost all our bedding and sheets jsut what we need is left, books, some decorative pieces and photos and albums, artwork and framed photos) everything to make the final move go smoothly. Im also carefully marking every single box to make sure I know exactly where all the stuff is, and where its supposed to go in the new place!

My little one is helping out with the packing, I let himput things in boxesand help taping them closed. Today I gave him his own box and he started throwing all his play food in and then got a marker and tried to write his name on it. SO CUTE. He is only 3 so he doesnt know how to spell his name yet, but he wrote an A. Clever little one!

One of the things Im excited about moving and finally planting outside is my window sill veggie garden. Only yesterday did I notice theres growing sugar snaps on one plant, and lots of them!!!

I get really excited by little things like seeing things seeds grow into something I can harvest:)

My belly at 23 weeks. Quite alot bigger than with my first pregnancy! However Im glad im past that "I jsut look a bit chubby" periode of the pregnancy, now at least theres no doubt whats going on. Also notice the HORRIBLE door in the background, sure wont be sad to wave that goodbye!!! Really who wants that in their LOUNGE (living room) its an eyesore, and we had 2 of them!

Are you on Pinterest? I am and I even have the app for my phone so I tend to pin a few photos a day....YEAH I KNOW I spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME on it;)

I like that u can literally find whatever u need ideas for in there. Heres just one example for and entrance that I really like. Im actually not a huge fan of the whole "white interiour" everyone seems to be going for, however this I really like BECOUSE of the baskets. They bring a touch of nature to it all and that I do LOVE. If u like me u will LOVE our new palce when I get a chance to post photos from it. It has lots of wood and really brings the nature in. And guess what, it has a chicken coop in the back yard. I wont be using that, but I like the idea of having a chance to have my own chickens;)


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