Shopping for baby

Today I did some shopping for baby brother. I havent done any shopping until now because I want to go through what we already have, and only then decide what we need. But as most expectant moms Im itching to get a few little items:)

The brown one piece in front is 100% merino wool. That will keep baby warm even on a cold Norwegian winters day! I prefer to have one pieces for the baby when they young, its just so much better considering all the carrying and lifting, no bare waists getting cold. And also they just look so cute in them!! The clothes I bought from a local shop called Mini You (I love the name by the way). They got a good selection of clothes for the little ones, and also a few things like bottles, nappy bins and such. This is their web shop if u want to have a look and here u can follow them on facebook.

I do have some news to tell, we have finally found a bigger place and will be moving next week!!! I can barely wait! It has got so much more space so Im so happy we found it before baby is due. And with enough time to plan Big brothers room and get it nice looking before Im too big and heavy;) baby brother will be sleeping in our room for the first year so I wont start planning his room yet. To follow us during the moving process I will be posting pics on Instagram, follow me on bob_derri for daily updates. If everything goes smoothly I will be updating the blog as well. Lots of photos to come as soon as we have settled in!


I havent taken a new belly pic yet, but Im 23 weeks along now! This pregnancy is really flying compared to the first one. maybe its due to the fact that I have the daddy with me this time. With our first one he didnt have a visa yet and only came on a tourist visa 1 month before I gave  birth and had to leave when baby was 2 months old. It was horrible!!! Not that many ppl know, or realize that I was alone with junior the first year!!!! So I am so happy he gets to experience it all this time. Even tho he is not SO happy when I twist and turn at night from an achy back and pelvis and just cant get comfortable;) Oh the joys of pregnancy! hehe





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