Herb garden

The last few days have been so busy! We have now moved into our new house! Its so exciting getting to do my own garden, especially since I'm finding so many plants hidden in all the overgrown weeds/grass!

With good help from my mother-in-law we have fixed up the herb garden I'm so lucky to have. Planted basil, lemon thyme, parsley and so on. Sunday I'm hoping to get into the strawberry patch to clean it up a little too:)

Here are some photos of the garden work that's been happening and the last one is hubby eagerly scrubbing away in the braai hut(BBQ hut)

Tonight I'm having an early night due to back pains and just being really tired (no wonder!!?!) house moving while 24 weeks pregnant is ok but I wouldn't recommend it!

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23.06.2012 kl.15:52

Ka skjer p siste bilde?


25.06.2012 kl.09:44

Jk: skrubbing i grillhuset:)


25.06.2012 kl.22:22

Ingenting er som en frodig urtehage. Heldigvis er gubben interessert i det hos oss, ellers hadde det blitt stusslige greier :-)

nsker deg en riktig fin sommer!


26.06.2012 kl.13:51

Looking good guys :) wish we could attend the first housewarming party ;)

Love having a look at your blog every week or so to stay in touch :)


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