Our new adventure

The first few days in the new house has been exciting, exhausting and chaotic to say the least! We are absolutely LOVING it here and even tho it will be quite a fight to keep up with all the work that needs done here, regular work and last but not least payments on the house it will be a good fight. It's ours and we want it to stay that way:)

We have been blessed with the most amazing weather the last few days and we have used it to the fullest. Herb garden has been made ( previous post) and also lots of plants and flowers has been planted all over. I love having a garden to fix up...even tho it's quite hard work;)

Posting photos of house and a new flower bed mother in law helped me make.
Still lots to do around here and hopefully internet will be sorted shortly so I don't have to make every single post from my phone!

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Jk: Smbruk sier Patrick ;)

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