One of the best things about now owning our own place is that we get to put our personal touch to it. The ideas are many, some are good, some are ok and some are just down right stupid;)
I'm the kinda person who takes a loooong time thinking about the smallest thing just to make sure I got the right feeling about it. Every now and then I will have an idea and I just KNOW straight away thats exactly what I like(want!!)
So far I've had one idea like that, I don't want to reveal it yet but I can say it is something in the kitchen;)
We both have been throwing ideas at each other about pretty much every single room in the house. But since we have decided to put in a kitchen in another part of the house we have to see how much that will cost us first and only then decide/see how much we can use one the rest of the place. Things will get started from now on so for a while this blog will be tracking most process with the house. Still hoping to do more crafts and get things ready for the baby (especially knitting little outfits) , also have to finish the woolen pants I started in the midst of the move (oops)

Tonight I've been getting lots of inspiration from a catalogue called Ellos. I never knew the had "home" pages!!!? I'm really impressed with some of the stuff in there, even tho it's easy to see that it's all pretty much in one style. I like to mix so bits and pieces will definitely find their way over here over the next few months:D oh the excitement!!

One thing that is rather urgent is getting curtains and curtain rods! I've looked at lots and I'm still clueless to what I want. How can I buy that when I haven't decided on what style I want the rooms to be in????!!! So for now only the bedroom has got curtains (for obvious reasons) and a sliding door in the downstairs lounge(living room). All for privacy. The rest of the windows has blinds and those who doesn't don't need anything just yet as they are too high up for anyone to be peeking through (or at least so we think...)

Here are some of the inspiration I've been getting from Ellos catalogue:)

What was the first thing YOU did when getting ur own place?

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