Belly pic

I'm already 28 weeks and there's 12 short weeks left (3 months). As u can tell by the pic I'm already quite large so I guess I'll end up like a whale before baby is here;)
I guess it's time to start thinking about looking through some of the baby stuff from big brother...maybe next week.
Baby is VERY active, and I'm having lots of Braxton hicks everyday. So body is def exercising and preparing for a "hard days work"(hell) in about 3 months! I'm having more false labour pains this pregnancy than the last, as far as I can remember.
Got a really nice outfit I want to knit for baby before he arrives. It's a traditional Norwegian pattern called "Marius" and I want to make a one piece. Don't know when I'll find the time and calm to sit down and start, but it's on the all the other 100 projects I want to do;)

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