Outta my mind

I MUST BE OUTTA MY MIND for having started yet another granny square blanket! I am fully aware baby brothers blanket is not yet finished. In fact it's lying right next to the couch and it taunts me on a daily basis! To my defense, I did crochet another 2 squares last weekend. OK, ok that's too weak:(

Aaaanyhow, lets not linger on that (touchy) subject any longer! Let me show u my latest squares

Just a quick snap shot taken before I went to bed. They are in fact made out of yarn from the (ever growing) stash! Blanket will only be as big as the 3 small balls of wool allows so I have high hopes of showing the end result off pretty soon!

Since I did mention the yarn stash I have a confession to make...I bought another 9 skeins of lovely 100% wool the other day. Lovely grey, purple and blue. What they will be u might wonder, and so my bloggie friend, so do I!

I have something really cool to show off in the next post. I can hardly wait I'm so stoked about how this little craft project turned out.A few photos and I'm ready to post it all on this little brag blog of mine:D

Do u have the same problem as me when it comes to finalizing projects?!?


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