Tiny blankie

So I finished the little granny square blanket I was working on. I had about an arm length of white left in the end. The blanket has already been given to the new owner. A little princess I'm so lucky to be a godmother AND the aunt of!

I didn't wash it or stretch it as I grabbed it in a big hurry on my way out the door. As u can see the wool I had already was enough for 9 squares. And the blanket is just big enough for a small doll, to be placed in a chair or perhaps a small rug in front of the bed for little toes to step on.

I actually have no idea of how to nicely end these blankets and I couldn't be bothered to get my lap top up an running to check it on you tube. But I'm happy with the end result and I just hope the 2 year old will enjoy it:)

So now I suppose i should return to baby brothers blanket?! I actually need more wool to continue so I will be putting that off...again

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25.02.2013 kl.22:18

S fin blogg! Gjerne ta en titt innom min ogs <3


25.02.2013 kl.22:20

S fint teppe!


27.02.2013 kl.14:52

Vilde: tusen takk:)


27.02.2013 kl.14:53

HeartsUp: Tittet innom bloggen din nettopp, veldig bra!:)

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