So Im finally sitting down to write about the PIRATE PARTY we had for juniors 4th birthday. It was SO much fun planning it!!! I was lucky and had my cousin come visit for the weekend and she did an amazing job with everything, I wouldnt have been able to pull it off myself!

First just a collage to give u an idea of whats to come in this post. Decorations, decorations and more decorations. HOW FUN IT WAS!!

To make the cake nicee an colourful we ended up dying marzipan ourself. Heres the black is ready to be rolled out. I must say It looked unreal-like with BLACK marzipan.

Here we have covered the 2 layers and have started the FUN part, the DECORATING of the cake. To hide the joints of where the white stripes came together we simply used a cookie cutter and cut out a star.

We have never made a cake like this and I must admit we were well impressed by ourselves! The cake was a 2 tier cake and if I can give u any advise it must be to cover a round cirkle of cardboard in tin foil and put in between the two cakes. This keeps the top one from sagging into the bottom one, and also makes it easy to cut.

Some of the details. Cakepops around the edge, dipped in white choc and decorated with marsipan to look like pirates. The kids loved these and we ended up picking them off the cake and handing them out.

The gold coins I got from "Nille" and they are chocolate coins.

For the top I scratched through the toy box and found a few pirate items which we cleaned and attached with toothpicks. And of course a number 4 candle:)

For the parents we made some cakepops and we also had cup cakes (sorry no photo) The cake pops literally disappeared in minutes. BIG HIT! I didnt even get one!

We made one loooong table (used to tables put together). And used pirate ships and other pirate items from juniors collection. On the table there is also a whine bottle (EMPTY!!) which I painted blackwith black board paint, I then wrote on it with a white chalkboard marker and stuck a pirate flag in it.

I managed to get hold of 2 old fishing nets that we put up in the windows, then added more from juniors piratecollection. At the end of the window u see and old candle lit port side light. Its old and it used to be on a boat years ago so I figured it could go nicely with the deco.

And that was it. Pirate party went really well and we cant wait to plan little brothers 1st bday party in October!


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