DIY tea bag for kiddos

My 4 year old begging to dip the tea bag in my tea cup got my mind working. He clearly thinks that its fun, but Im too worried he will get burned on the hot water to let him do it. SO i knew I had to come up with something. Ive been on pinterest quite some time now and I check it pretty much on a daily basis, its SO ADDICTIVE!!!

I came accross this photo of play teabags which I really liked. Only one small problem, I cant sow and I dont have a sowing machine! However what i can do is knit, and I have wool and needles to prove it

(picture from pinterest)

So I dived into my stashpile wool and found a few small bundles and started knitting, making up as I went along. It was a quick little project (love it!) and it turned out so cute! I will add a button to it so the "lid" of the tea bag bag (?) can be closed properly, and also to give junior some disquised button training.

some facts: For the tea bag I cast on 12 stitches, tag 7 stitches, bag 18 stitches and the cord I used a simple crochet stitch for. i dont even know what its called, but u just pull a loop through the loop (got it? Im not much of an explainer either)


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