Dreaming of...

Safe to say Ive been day dreaming lately! Dont get me wrong, I love the snow and how beautiful everything is whereI live. But still Im very ready for some warmer weather soon. So the summer we get up here are hardly anything to call SUMMER, but it is what it is. Some days get really nice and warm, so Im hoping for lots of those days this year!!

Spring is here (even tho we are drowning in snow) and now Im just waiting for enough snow to melt so we can experience the first signs of life from the garden. Tulips are beautiful and I have a few in my garden, want to get lots more!! :)

Another thing that comes with spring is a lighter (MUCH lighter) wardrobe. No more chunky scarfs, big jackets and horrible hair thats been in a beanie all day:(!! And this spring is no different to any other, Im dreaming of a NEW WARDROBE! And a new fit body to go with it....;)

One day....one day! ;)

(all photos: Pinterest)


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