Things I like

Sometimes I come across these photos and I just LOVE what I see! Pinterest is a dangerous place;)

Like these pretty flowers, how cute are they?!! So small and dainty

Sometimes I see something so different I'm not sure if I like it or not. Like these cups with succulents in, still not sure if I would like it in my garden....but still I really like what I see. If u would like something like this I would recommend going to a flew market or a second hand shop and buy lots of pretty cups and mugs there

SHOES- SO MANY SHOES!!! Easy to find shoes I like, hard to pick only a few to show in this blog post! I like the summery Toms and I absolutely LOVE the heels. I like how they've combined something so feminine with the rough jeans, somehow I like it. I would feel so lady like in those heels and a pretty dress

Does this photo need any further explanation?

Seriously?! Who comes up with something this easy? LOVE it!!!! WANT it!!!

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