Tapas till we drop!

In the last post I wrote about the tapas evening I was hosting.
The evening went well and I enjoyed myself, I hope the guests did too. One of the girls got some very disturbing news in the middle of it all so naturally the conversation changed to that subject for the last half. We all got very involved and worked up for her case! Nice to see such a supportive group:) She needed to blow off some steam so some if the girls went to the local watering hole with her;)

Then there was the FOOD!!
The food was delicious!!! We had so much food so I was quite surprised that there was so little to pack away!!! I wanted to take lots if photos but I must confess, I forgot!! In fact I didn't take a single shot of anything!!! I took two while I was setting the table earlier in the day but that's it.

Plates we used. Perfect size for all the goodies! Side plates for salad, fruit and olives

Still no cutlery or napkins but it gives u an idea. I was still busy setting the table at this point.

I enjoyed this so much I'm already wanting to host another evening! :)

Stole this from my friends Instagram. At least she thought about getting some photos:) makes me hungry just looking at the food again!!!

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