South African curry ala Iziko

Having spent some time in South Africa I discovered a whole new universe of food! I have tasted some yummy, interesting and very different things I never thought I would. Squid, snails, mussels, oysters,raw fish, biltong, ostrich, springbok andoxtail just to mention some.

I dont make those things on a regular basis at home, but one thing I do makeis CURRY. So today ended up being a curry day. Completely unplanned too! I didnt have any idea of what I could possibly scrape together and call a dinner. The fridge was so empty there was en echo in it! I went to put something in the freezer when I saw some frozen chicken, I quickly grabbed it and knew I had what I needed for a curry.

I usedan onion, lots of chopped garlic, diced potatoes and carrots, lots of yummy flavourful spices, coconut milk and spring onions.

While the curry was bubbling away leaving the house to smell delishious I cooked rice and made a greek salad (tomato, red onion and feta) I put shredded coconut in a bowl and chopped bananas in another. Hubby likes chutney with his curry so that was the only thing I was missing so he picked it up on his way from work. By the time he arrived the table was all set and we could all just sit down and enjoy:)

Seeing these photos makes me want to go and get some more, YUM!

I always sprinkle shredded coconut over and have a few slices of banana with my curry:)


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10.05.2013 kl.20:27

h, s veldig godt ut!!!

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