Surprise summer

We've been surprised with the most amazing weather the past few days!! And as everyone in this part of Norway know, u never know how many days like these we get. So we seem to drop everything and spend most days outside, with braais(bbq), fruit, garden work and friends:)

As every year I get burnt...I do use sunscreen but I always end up burnt. Must be my pale Scandinavian skin!

Junior got a new cup the other day. Not just any cup, it's a SLUSH MAKER!!! We tried it with a fruity soda and it worked! It's so easy and yummy, especially on hot days so if u want one let me know and I'll tell u where it's from:) yum yum!

Junior was talking about catching a shark as we arrived at the fishing spot;) he had a blast never the less

Really can't complain on days like these! BEAUTIFUL:)

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