Back to work

Had my first day back at work today. Although its nice to be back to work its sad not being with my baby at home all day. Daddy is now being home for a while before baby brother has to go to kindergarten.

I work in a toyshop in this little town we live in. It's a nice little private owned toyshop of only 100 square meters packed with every toy ur child can dream of. It's a nice workplace. I meet lots of ppl everyday, som brand new some a little older:)
There is ALWAYS work to be done!
We struggle with space on a daily basis! Having new stock arrive is like doing a puzzle. A BIG puzzle! But somehow we always get everything displayed one way or another. My mission for the next few days is to get shop nice and tidy before all the tourists arrives:)

It's hard to know where to start, and sometimes I'm scared to start...why u may ask? Because I KNOW that as soon as I get started a small project quickly escalates into a full day project. Moving one or two items can very quickly result in having to move an entire aisle!!!

This is how I hope it will all look like when I start. Neat, tidy and inviting:) but that's not always the case even tho the plan was good. Today I was organizing like a boss and this is now the state of the LEGO section. Not too shabby if I may say so myself.

It was a good first day back, lets hope everyday can be like this:)

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