Do u have green fingers? I dont!
Since getting our own place we've been waiting for spring to arrive cause we had so many plans for the garden. Well I don't know where to start:(

I wanted to replant the few strawberry plants we have and get a few more, can still do this but I'm just not sure WHERE to start the new strawberry garden... Our garden is not level and that's what makes it quite difficult. I'll post photos one day, haven't thought of taking any for some reason.

I have a nice raised herb/veggie garden too, and that also needs some work. So far Ive started (started being the key word!) weeding and have lots of plans. But Im starting to come to the realisation that Im more of a planner than a doer! what a pity, it could have been such a great little veggie garden:P  Ive got some seeds and onion bulbs ready to go in the ground, I just cant seem to kick start my self into doing it. Can I hear u say L-A-Z-Y?!!

Ever since I saw this veggie garden plan Ive been so keen to grow my own veggies. It seems easy enough:)

Arent these steps nice and rustic looking? I think its just perfect for our "garden". As I mentioned we dont have a level garden, its more like natural landscape so its a bit tricky finding out what we want to do. The front isnt too bad, its working the way it is. Its really the back of the house thats the prob. We cant get a digger there becouse there is just no space anywhere to get it to that side so whatever we decide to do has to be done by pure (wo)man power. Obviously we WILL NOT be going all out there and thats why I think those little steps would be perfect:) Imagine them with a little lantern on a few of the steps, nice plants next to them, or maybe even a big oversized pot somewhere along the path. Nice right?:)

And maybe we could have a little deck with a table and some chairs. I would LOVE that!

But for now all I can give u is this photo taken from the balcony. I love living in a house with a view!

 Have a wonderful day, wherever u are in the world:)


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