Deviled eggs

If u exercise u probably know how important it is to eat lots of proteins after finishing ur workout. So eggs and chicken are probably what u think of first. Nice eggy rice og maybe some fried up chicken. Well I dont work out and I dont know much about diet. BUT I do love my food, and if it falls within the snacking section I will eat it no doubt about it;) Every evening ull find me going through the fridge and looking in every drawer and cupboard looking for something snacky. Im terrible!

Every now and then I make these deviled eggs and they are yummy. They make me feel SO MUCH BETTER than when I polish off a bag of chips as well;)

The best thing about them is that they are quick and easy to make. They are also great as a tapas dish if u ever need to whip something up quickly. U can vary the recipe as u please with mustard, hot sauce etc etc. But this is how I made them

All u need is hardboiled eggs, chives, mayo, salt and pepper. (I was supposed to add lemon juice too but only realised once they were done)

I had 5 left over hard boiled eggs after breakfast (I planned ahead) so thats what I used. Cut them in half and scoop the egg yolks into a bowl.

I have fresh chives growing in the garden so I grabbed a nice handful and choppedthem (somewhat) nicely.

I added about 4 tbs of mayo to the egg yolks (sorry I never use measurments....well hardly ever)

Then I mixed the yolks, mayo, chives well. Added some flakey salt (maldon salt) and pepper to taste and the mixture was ready.

If u havea piping bas it makes it so easy to make them look nice, but if u dont have it dont worry for a second. Use a spoon and scoop it in. I happened to have a disposable piping bag so I decided to use it. I piped them all full, realised I had a bit left in the bag so I added more to each one not to let too much yummyness go to waste;)

So this it what it looked like in the end. If u leave them overnight them soak up more of the flavour and are even better. Remember to cover them with cling film as they yolk mixture gets a bit icky looking if not.

So next time uve been hitting the gym hard maybe try throwing back a few of these, OR if u feel like something snacky these should do the trick:)


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