Coffee break

Like most mothers I love my coffee. First thing in the morning I'm lucky enough to have a husband that makes me the perfect cup. I like my coffee with milk and sugar if I'm at home. If I'm at a restaurant or coffee shop I choose the fancier options like latte or mocha.

To me it makes a BIG difference how u get ur coffee served. Last week I had to go to Bodø for an appointment. Bodø is the closest city to my town, 120km further north. Anyway so I had to go there so I quickly arranged to meet up with one of my friends living there. We went to a fancy coffee bar restaurant like place. The name of the place is "Du verden" if i remember correctly. It was lovely!!! They served little tapas dishes and the decor was so modern and fancy. It really made me miss living in a city, dressing up and sipping fancy drinks. Ahh, those were the days;)

I decided to order a coffee mocha and I was so glad I did. First of all, it was delicious! It didn't need any extra sugar or nothing, it was perfect!! And check out the glass, fancy smancy right:))!!! I WILL be back!

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