All natural

Do u have weed? I HAVE LOTS, come and get it!!!

It might not give u the high u were after, but it sure willt mess up ur pretty garden. Our garden is full of WEEDS and we have been tearing it up lately. This time I remembered to get some photos too:)

As I have mentioned in an earlier post about our "garden" it is actually not so much of a garden. Its a natural landscape kinda garden. I like it a lot better now as we have done some serious work with ripping up some of the weeds and getting rid of some of the little trees. I dont want to do to much too soon just in case I regret it. It takes time for trees to grow big so dont want to cut them down unless Im 100% sure!!! Besides I like the natural look, its so different

Heres the rhubarb we have, its not very much but Im hoping it will spread a little. It was all hidden in weeds and could barely be seen before I got stuck in ripping it all out. SO much better now and Im sure all the sun that will actuallyhit themwill make them grow much better! The rocky wall behind them is actually a raised veggie/herb garden. Neat hey:)

We have a little stream running through the middle of our "garden" and theres a cute little bridge crossing it on top there, can u see it?

I love having the little stream there and I want to fix it up a bit. Place some rocks to make a little splash pool, and plant pretty flowers along the edge. Maybe get hubby to build a deck for juniors little boats? So many plans, so little time. Or maybe the truth is more that I spend too much time in front of the TV, on my phone/pc and such;) comment

Having the forest right behind the house we do get some wildlife come to visitt us from time to time. How special isnt it seeing a MOOSE standing there? Its standing where we have the trampoline now. The little shed is where the rubbish is. And theres a liitle bird feeder there on the left


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