In Ørnes? I have some tickets up for grabs:)

If u are Norwegian I need to ask u a big favour:) Its really easy! All u have to do is follow THIS link and push like on my facebook group. Told u it was easy:)

I work in a toyshop and since we opened up a webshop in january my main focus has been on just that. So the facebook group is to spread the word about our little webshop:) Have a look and let me know what u think, remember all feedback is important! The webshop u can find HERE


Now over to something else. On tuesday the CIRCUS MERANO is setting up their tents right here in Ørnes. Ive always liked going to the circus! Its such a spesial atmosphere with the loud music, the smell and the excitement in all little childrens eyes. I sure cant wait to bring my 4 yr old!!! He cant remember last time he went so its def about time we go again:)

Here are some tasters of what to expect if u are in the ØRNES area on TUESDAY. It all kicks off at 7pm. I hope to see you there:)

(all photos:

So if this looks fun u should come! I have a few vouchers that gives u 50% off on ur tickets. Each voucher is for two discounted tickets. So in fact u only end up paying for one. Let me know if u want one with leaving a comment below:)


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