Hanging photos?

I don't have the patience to get a ruler, laser or any kind of spirit leveler out when hanging photos. Normally I hold the pic up against the wall, find a good spot then I hold my finger where the nail needs to go. I hammer the nail in and hang the photo...then I realize its NOT where I wanted it, or just very lob sided.

When I see the back of a pic looking like this I get pissed off!! Come ON?!??!!! Who in their right mind makes two stupid holes to hang it from. And who gets it up without making the wall look like a Swiss cheese?!??

Well I have been staring at this pic long enough and last night I took action. I decided to try this little handy trick I had seen on pinterest. I stuck a piece of cellar tape across the back, marked where I needed the nails and stuck the cellar tape to the wall. Screwed in two screws and hung the pic. Can u believe it worked!!!! Its not a 100% level when I check it with my spirit leveler app but as far as I can tell by just looking at it it looks like a pro must have hung it! clearly;)


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Hei du :)) Titter bare litt innom for nske deg en flott dag videre. Alltid hyggelig med en hilsen tilbake til meg :** Klem, klem<3

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