Taste of my town

I have made a new discovery in this little town I live in. We actually have the nicest little shop, and its been here for yrs! I went there fir the first time last week and man am I glad I did. WHAT A CUTE SHOP!! It's a haberdashery shop 10 min from my house. How i could have missed it for so long is a mystery to me!!

The shop is filled with knitting, sowing and crochet supplies. And if that wasn't enough ppl sell their work there. Really nice if u just don't know what to get ppl for their bday or Xmas for example. A nice shawl, warm knitted sox or even a little girls dress- it's all there:)

Naturally a place like this makes u want to run home and be crafty!

Of course I couldn't leave empty handed (duh). I didn't overspend as I'm on a budget but a few little goodies came home. A few stitch markers for knitting which has already come to good use :) and also a silver tread for extra sparkle in a future knitting project I now have to find. A few buttons and lots of inspiration just from being there.

The name of the shop is "Krambua" and u can find them on Facebook too.

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