Dont let the colours blind u

So now as I have revealed that we are expecting a little girl I have to show u some of the little dresses that are currently in production for her:)

Im lucky enough to have a mother who both knits and crochets, yay! And now with her second grand daughter on the way she is imagening dressing them both up in matching little outfits. Her first grand daghter is turning 3 in Oktober and is already a big princess! U will never see this little girl with a messy hair or scrubby clothes. Always the most intricate braids and the nicest outfits all matching the shoes, handbags and hairclips.

So over to the dresses. Please look beyond the colours in these photos as they are NOT what we have chosen!

My mother is busy on this dress which is proving to take a little longer than expected. Ive seen it and let me tell u it is as PINK as it gets!! With white stockings and perhaps a head band she will look so cute.

This dress is also under production by my mother. As far as I know the crochet part is pale pink and the fabric I have no idea. Ive seen quite a few versions of this dress on a craft group Im part of on facebook and there are endless combinations, the one nicer than the other:)


Sunday I had to cast on for a dress as well. As all my crafts it will take a while, but so far so good.

I have also chosen different colours than what is on the photo. White for the bottom lace part and purple for the rest. So far I have done the lace and just started on the hearts. Only time will show if this will ever be finished;)

All patterns are from "DALEGARN" and can be found here. But be warned, the DALE patterns are NOT easy to follow and I wouldnt choose to knit ANY if they werent so darn cute



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31.07.2013 kl.20:34

Om 3år kan vi sekkert beskriv ho lille frøken baby Bussiahn akkurat likkens ;) Ser ikke værre ut, ho bi no ikke fri for kjola :D


31.07.2013 kl.21:32

Jk: Hehe, ja så langt ser det slik ut;)

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