Life is happening

We have been so busy lately. Birthdays, weekend trips, boat trips and lots of other things has been happening every day recently. It's all good and we r enjoying life to the fullest:)

We all know fall, winter and snow will come all too soon so whatever we want to do before that has to happen NOW!

We have chickens and bunnies living behind our house so every day I spend a little bit of time feeding, changing water, cleaning and just being around them. It is really so much fun watching Junior around the animals. He absolutely loves them:) The bunnies are lion head bunnies and super cute, they look like soft toys u just want to cuddle!!

I don't have any photos of the bunnies yet, but I have one of this beanie/hat. I would feel so embarrassed wearing it but it sure looks tempting for cold winters days!! maybe my friend Robynne would like one of these two? Moose or bunny, its a hard choice so I might have to get her both!


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